Georgian Bay for Everyone

Practice Respect

Georgian Bay waters are for everyone’s enjoyment. Pressures on this invaluable resource will continue to grow. Whether a cottager or a boater, respect for each other’s interests and concerns is paramount to the enjoyment and protection of our pristine environment.

Be Mindful of Those Close to You

Sound travels great distances across water, particularly on still nights and early mornings. Unmuffled engines, power generators, loud music, loose halyards on sail boats, and even quiet voices, can all intrude on the quiet time of everyone nearby – on land or water.

Anchor Safely and Respectfully

Anchor out of sight of cottages, or, if that is not possible, try to maintain reasonable sightline distances between boats and cottages. Anchor well away from boating channels. Minimize lighting but always have an anchor light on moored boats.

Obey Nautical Rules

As the boat operator you are responsible for the safety of your passengers and for maintaining and operating your boat legally and safely.  

Respect Private Property

Many parts of the shoreline host endangered or threatened species, so letting dogs run free is inappropriate. Refrain from trespassing (people and pets) on private property and respect signage. Tie lines to private shorelines are illegal.

Protect Water Quality

Maintain cottage and boat sewage systems in proper order. Never discharge black water into the Bay. Use environmentally friendly soaps and cleaners. Refrain from bathing directly in the water as even “environmentally friendly” soaps and shampoos deplete oxygen in the water as they degrade.

Preserve Public Lands

When you use public lands (crown land, provincial and national parks, conservation reserves or Georgian Bay Land Trust properties) check for restrictions before going ashore and/or adhere to posted rules. Be mindful of any fire restrictions. Take all your garbage with you when you leave. Always leave a site in better condition than when you arrived. Where pets are allowed on shore, pick up and remove their waste.