Art on the Dock 2021

The South Channel Association is about people … who we are, what we enjoy, where we choose to spend our time, and what we care about. It is a vital, breathing organization, focused on preserving the lands and environment we are privileged to spend time in for generations to come, collaboratively, respectfully and socially.

This year’s Art on the Dock event is the third edition, but the first of a virtual nature. In 2017 Marg McGibbon, along with seven other member/artists launched the inaugural show with a goal of bringing South Channel members together to share their talents.  A consolidated grouping of artists were represented in Art on the Dock 2018 … and then came COVID.

In spite of restrictions this year, and with the same goals of connecting our membership we have been able to move forward with Art on the Dock this year.  Thanks to guidance from Marg, website work and marketing from other members, and a range of submissions from artists, we are pleased to launch the 2021 show. Participating artists are listed alphabetically – click on a name to go to their specific page to see their works and contact information. Images on the page are thumbnails – you can view a larger version by clicking on a particular image. Enjoy, and reach out to get to know some of the artists!

2021 Artists